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FireStick & Android

Simple Guide

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How to install Vod Apk app to firestick or android device.

To install on android device skip to step 3)

To install on a firestick you must

1) Go to Settings

Device my fire tv

Developer option

Unknown sources

Turn it on

2) Go back to main screen

3) On Firestick Go to search

(magnifying glass or press alexa and say “downloader”

or if On Android go to Google Play Store and Search for aftvnews

4) now Go ahead and install the Downloader app

(orange box with downloader on it)

5) Open Downloader app and type in

The following….

TVbox VOD app

For older android 4.4 software

VOD smarters app (works with android 4.4)

6) Go ahead and click install in bottom right corner

wait for it to install

once it’s done open the app

7) Type in your username and password provided to you and enjoy 🙂



If you get LOGIN FAILED, you typed your username and password incorrect. try again If when you are logging in you get ERROR 2 come across the bottom of the screen this means your android is old, user the IPTV Smarters link to download a working app.

If you get download ERROR check what you typed and try again



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How To Install FileLinked on Firestick & Fire TV

If you already have the downloader app installed go to step 13.

Using FileLinked will enable you to install multiple apps at once. Saving you time typing in multiple links

Because FileLinked has been removed from the Amazon App Store, it must be side-loaded onto your Fire TV device. To do so requires the installation of the application Downloader which will enable us to install FileLinked with ease.

Follow the step by step instructions below to learn how to install FileLinked on Firestick & Fire TV.

How to Install FileLinked on Firestick & Fire TV

  1. From the Main Menu scroll to hover over Settings
  2. Click Device or My Fire TV

  1. Choose Developer Options
  2. Click Apps from Unknown Sources
  3. Choose Turn On
  4. Return to the home screen and hover over the Search icon
  5. Type in Downloader and click “Downloader” which appears toward bottom in a list
  6. Select the Downloader app
  7. Click Download
  8. Click Open
  9. Click Allow
  10. Click OK
  11. now to getfilelinked on your device!

In the address bar, type the following URL: http://premvod.site/apks/linked.apk

and click Go

  1. Click Install
  2. Click Done
  3. This will return you to Downloader. Click delete to remove the file
  4. Click Delete again
  5. Return to Fire TV home screen and under Your Apps & Games scroll to the right and click See All
  6. Scroll to the bottom to hover overFileLinked and click Options (3 horizontal lines)
  7. Click Move to front

Installation is now complete!

You can find FileLinked on your device’s home screen for easy access.

FileLinked Details & Description

Once FileLinked has been installed and opened, you will see the simple main screen it provides. By entering in a specific code number, your preferred app or apps will be downloaded in just one easy installation.

Premium vod app code:


To download files or apps, simply enter in the Code.

Then install the app from the list by moving down to it and clicking on the arrow to download the app off choice.(we highly recomend intallingthe external players vlc and mx player) they can be selected n the app settings after install

Then install the app from the list by moving down to it and clicking on the arrow to download the app of choice.

Once installed and the app prompts you its finished, exit the app and find your app from firestick main menu in “your apps”

If using the smarters pro app you will need this url to enter into the app, once downloaded and installed at the login screen select login with xtream codes api then enter username and password and url below according to either vod or tv. 

VOD url



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Smart STB is an android app which can be installed on Samsung and LG smart tv`s. This app enables you to have IPTV service on a portal just like MAG with all features that can be expected from MAG and Stalker Portal.

Let`s list features which Smart STB brings to the table:

-MAG 250 Based Platform

-Categorized live tv list

-Categorized on-demand list

-Electronic Program Guide (EPG) supported

-Program Icons (Picons)

-Fast channel buffering

This app is paid. Monthly license would cost 2.99USD while lifetime costs you 27.99 USD. The app can also be evaluated for 7 days free of charge.

The following tutorial covers:

-Installation and activation of trial period

-Activation of paid license

-Installation of IPTV Stalker Portal

-Installation and activation of trial period

From the app market on your smart tv search, find and install Smart STB App. After that we can activate the trial period. To do that we first need to find the Software MAC Address which is required for app activation on Smart-STB website.

To find Software MAC address do as follows:

Once the app is opened, you`ll see the above picture on your TV screen. You need to immediately press Enter button on your remote controller. On some remote controllers it is a  sign. On others which have a central touch pad simply press the center of the pad. On some others it would work by pressing arrow keys.

Select System Settings.

Select Device Info.

Here we have two mac addresses:

Software MAC address which is necessary for app activation on Smart-STB website.

Virtual MAC address which is necessary for IPTV service activation on IPTV provider server.

Now that we know the required MAC info, it is time to activate the app trial period. First log onto trial activation page of Smart-STB website by clicking here.

Clicking on the link provided above should show you the above content. We have trimmed some of the page to focus on the most important part. Green arrow shows the proper field for entering Software MAC Address. Red arrow shows the field in which we can enter stalker portal URL of your IPTV provider. It can either be entered from here or later from the app on your TV. Remember to checked the TOS box before finishing up. Finally click Order Now.

It should be said that if you write the correct software mac address, the following message in green should show up.

You need to register on their website ultimately. So if you have not registered already, you must.

Click Checkout.

Now as you can see, Order Status is set as Active meaning the trial period has started.

Now if you go back to Device Details page of the app on your TV, you`ll see the trial has started and an expiry date is assigned.

-Activation of paid license

Since Software MAC address and account registration on Smart-STB side has already been done, upgrading to a paid license is easy.

Log onto smart-stb website and log into your account.

From the column left, click on Services. The free 7 days trial we activated earlier is listed. Now let`s add a paid license starting by clicking on Order New Service.

These are the following paid licenses to which you can subscribe. 2.55USD is monthly and 27.99USD is yearly.

For instance if you subscribe to the lifetime package, the subscription status in device info page will change to Paid and expire to Never since it is lifetime.

-Installation of IPTV Stalker Portal

Now that the app has been activated, we need to input an IPTV source from a provider of choice. From the device info page of the app, find Virtual MAC address and send it to the IPTV provider. They should register the MAC address on their system and provide you with a stalker portal URL. Once portal url received, follow these steps to input it into the app:


Just like the first time we did it above at the beginning of this tutorial, right after Loading Portal sign shows up, press enter. Then go to System Settings. Now choose Portal as we need to input the portal url. You should see the Portal Settings page like above picture. In Portal 1 URL type a desired name for main portal

I.e. “vod” and in Portal URL given to you By Provider you are subscribed to. name it VOD,  Once done, press Return button on remote controller. Going back to the previous page, Restart Portal must be selected. Next time you start the app, IPTV portal should load with bouquets and details of IPTV service ready to be used.

(if these don’t work double check your portal is typed correctly)

Open app press Select twice again to get to settings page then Choose vod to use vod portal.

These options may differ slightly with tv versions but it’s pretty much the same.

(on android you may need to create a profile to add portals as opposed to just selecting one, look for a plus sign in settings)

If you know MAG and Stalker Portal to be perfect (which are), you`ll fall in love with this app in 2 seconds 😉 specially the ones who don`t have MAG available should choose this app over other apps for Samsung and LG Smart TV`s.

How to install VOD on STB Emu Android version?

This app can be installed on almost all devices which run based on android. It can be a Smart TV, an Android Box, Firestick or basically any device which has an app market. First we install the app, then we setup the IPTV service on it using Stalker Portal method. In this instance, we install this app on an Android Box.

-Installing STB Emu on an Android device like Smart TV, Amazon FireTV Stick, Android Box …

-Installing and configuring vod on STB Emu

-Installing STB Emu on Android device

1-First step would be finding and installing the app. So open up PlayStore on your android box and in search area type STB Emu. Select the one as shown above.

2-This is how the app should look like on your PlayStore. Creator should show as Maxim Vasilchuk.

Note: As you can see above, it is a Free app. It is also mentioned that it contains Ads. Pro version of this app is very much the same except for two things: 1-No Ads, although no Ads have bugged anyone on the free version 2-It enables you to use MAG App Control. This includes features like Play/Pause the stream, Fast forward, Keyboard search, On-screen display … . If you want those and willing to pay for it, you can go with Pro version.

3-Ready, Open it now.

4-After opening the app for the first time, this message will pop up.

5-Click some where on the screen and control buttons will appear. Then from the top right. click on the drop down menu sign.

6-Click Settings.

-Installing and configuring IPTV on STB Emu

To complete this step, two things must be done:

-Finding our MAC address for Stalker Portal activation on IPTV Provider`s side

-Entering vod Provider`s Stalker Portal URL inside the app (get this from your representative)

1-To configure STB settings, select Profiles.

2-Select where says New Profile, shown in red. You can either rename and reconfigure this profile or remove and add new one. In this instance, we simply edit the default profile.

3-This is how it looks inside Profile section. To edit the profile, we need to rename it first so later we recognize our configuration.

4-Let`s name it Video On Demand. Now click Ok.

5-After naming the profile and clicking OK, you`ll go back to Profile Settings page (Step 3). From there choose Portal Settings and then you`ll have the above page. Click on Portal URL.

6-Now this is where we place the URL from which all the vod content is being delivered from a Server to our App, so needs to be entered correctly. You`ll receive this from whom you get the trial/paid subscription. Type the URL, click OK and go back.

7-From Profile Settings page, choose STB Configuration.

8-Here we have the last piece of the puzzle, the MAC Address. Stalker Portal activation does not have username/password for authentication. You simply send your device MAC address to the IPTV provider, they`ll activate the MAC and send you a portal URL (Step 6). So type the MAC address shown on your app (it is different from our instance for sure) and send it to your provider for activation.

9-Now go all the way back to the main screen of the app and from the top right drop down menu sign, go to Profile and click on the profile you created earlier.

10-As an alternative, it is also possible to click on the menu sign on the top left and from the drop down menu choose Reload Portal. Since we only have one portal profile configured, it will reload that one automatically. It is sometimes necessary to reload portal due to changes being made or to sort a glitch.

11-If all properly setup, portal should be loading like above.

12-Portal will load like this, nice categorized form of a MAG. There you can choose between categories,

How to add an VOD sub portal on MAG 250 254 256?

To run IPTV server on MAG, it is necessary to add provider`s Stalker Portal URL into the device to receive the stream. In this tutorial we`ll show how to do this in few simple steps.

Open up setting page and then enter System Settings

Select Servers

Here we have 3 sections: General, Portals and More. We simply need to configure General and Portals.

In General section, we have to configure NTP server. NTP stands for Network Time Protocol which is used for global clock synchronization. If you find this field empty, type the following server:


After that click OK button to save and Menu button to exit and go back to Servers page.

In Portal 1 Name section, type your desired name.

In Portal 1 URL, type the portal URL you have received from your VOD Provider.

Now click OK to save.

Finally restart portal.

Once the portal Boots up, if you your MAG mac address is activated on provider`s side, you should have the service up and running.

That is all.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore

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We try our best to provide a solid set up, but from time to time things can go wrong.
So here’s the deal, we provide a year of support and all your entertainment for 12 months fore less than a family outing to the cinema don’t feel robbed if we can’t help you immediately or divert you to the self-help guides or get annoyed because you message us at gone 10pm or 2 am in the morning!, we made them for a reason, the more you learn and understand it the better your experience!

If your sub decides to stop working!

It’s not always down to us.
There’s many variables involved here, we do a solid thing for a budget price!

DIAGNOSING first can save time and loads of frustration.
So here goes.

No matter if your subs working or not I highly suggest you take a moment to read the “your m3u sub explained” it’s in guides on the website,
It will take no more than two mins to read it.
it will help you understand what, where, and how your sub works!

Whatever your device first port of call ask yourself this!
And try these solutions.

  1. Is my sub in date or could it have run out?
  2. Check support group to see if it’s us or just you, it’s rarely us but if it is we update group and fix it sharpish!
  3. Reboot your router and device (helpful to do this before footie or major sporting events!)

This gives everything a fresh boost!

If these don’t answer your question or solve the issue read on!

Some things to do after checking group and resetting your stuff are as follows.

Absolute first!

Are you connected to the internet? I spent 40 mins the other day with a customer moaning at me only to find out someone had unplugged his ethernet cable from his router, I’m never going to get back those 40 minutes I feel robbed of life!

they soak up bandwidth like no tomorrow!!

Try your sub on phone or another app, ON AND OFF OF WI-FI
it could be your device playing up!
You can install more than one app on a device, apps are similar but not linked so it could be the app not working, you can use your sub on more than one device just viewing one at a time!

Things on your set up that play a part.
isp blockers.
you may have turned them off, but internet suppliers sometimes turn them back on
here’s a link to check yours.


Not enough bandwidth – disconnect anyone else on your net i.e. the wife, the kids to test it.

Internet throttling.
It’s a thing we didn’t make it up! For shits and giggles!
Sometimes isps (internet service providers) throttle net at peak times to keep up with demand,
There far from mi6 but they own it they can do what they like!

Our apps, do you have the latest versions?
Sometimes apps just decide to not work purely because there crammed up with data, easy fix
Delete reinstall, takes minutes.
We’re not sky we do our best but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

Most apps can be changed cleared out of old data with other methods, easiest and quickest way again delete reinstall.

Our apps
Username and password error.
100% it’s a typo you have made a mistake, usernames and passwords always work!
In password an I can look like an uppercase i but is often a lowercase L
O can look like a zero but it’s likely capital or lowercase letter o.
Here’s the difference
zero- 0. Slightly elongated
Lowercase o pretty easy
Capital O – round, bold bit like a polO. (See what I did there with the o’s!)
This website can identify the character


Our apps
Video won’t play.
Did you install VLC or mx player or both from the app instructions guide??
Once installed mx or VLC then when you select play on content long hold the button
select vlc player
Or mx player.

If that doesn’t work delete reinstall.

My Sounds out of sync?

Try turning off Dolby digital plus in device settings

Flick off channel then back on.

Reboot router

Firedl code doesn’t work!

A firedl code is just a code made on a website with the url we use in downloader they don’t always work and often get removed.

Use the app url on website in either downloader app (aftvnews on android) or firedl, one way should w

Download / FireDL

Learn More

App Links and their FireDL Codes
Use any one of these apps for your subscription, notice columns below for vod and external players
(You can use either the link or the code in FireDL app, or use http url in the downloader app to install apps)
(latest apps at the top)

Premium VOD External Players
TVbox VOD app
firedl code 105297

firedl code 255732

VLC player
firedl 982785
(firestick press alexa say vlc)
firedl code 860724
MX player
firedl code 182377
VOD smarters app (works with android 4.4)
firedl code 425050
smarters pro v2
firedl code 209429

when you open smarters pro app for first time select use xtream codes api,
for VOD url please contact your sales manager smarters pro 




How to install iptv or vod apk app to firestick or android device.

you can use either firedl app or downloader app to install.

                                                                                                                                                 firedl uses a numeric code linked to a url (in chart top of page)
                                                      you can use either the numbers or the full url in firedl if the code doesn’t work use the url

Alternate links should one not work are at the bottom of this page. 

Setting up your Fire Stick

First we need to enable developer options to do this follow this :
• From the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick’s home screen,
• scroll right whilst at the very top of the page to “Settings” press ok
• Next, scroll to the right and select “Device or my firetv”.
• Next, scroll down and select “Developer options”.
• Then select “Apps from Unknown sources” to turn the option to “ON”.
• exit to main screen.

now to download the apps to enable us to install what we want!

IT is Highly recommended you install the EXTERNAL PLAYER APPS. to save the “cannot play this content issues”
vlc player is in firestick apps just search “vlc” install it, then go into smarters app, go into settings then player, select vlc.(most of our apps are a smarters version.

you can use other external players as well as vlc and mx player!
They just need to be installed not signed into.
so choices are now
(firestick press alexa say vlc)
(firestick press alexa say plex)

mx player
And kodi

just install them, then in Smarters select player in settings it gives you the option to use as player

Downloader app install method.

for android
• search Google playstore for aftvnews for some reason it’s called that!
• press Alexa button say “downloader” to download downloader app (or type in search magnifying glass)
• Open downloader once installed.
• Use downloader type in the http url.

or if you prefer firedl app to install apps using numbered code

press Alexa button say “firedl” to download firedl app (or type in search magnifying glass)
• Open firedl app once installed.
• Use downloader type in the http url.
or firedl using your chosen app from the chart at the top of this page.

IT is Highly recommended you install the EXTERNAL PLAYER APPS. to save the “cannot play this content issues” vlc player is in firestick apps just search “vlc” install it, then go into smarters app, go into settings then player, select vlc .

you can use other external players as well as vlc and mx player!
They just need to be installed not signed into.
so choices are now
(firestick press alexa say vlc)
(firestick press alexa say plex)

mx player
And kodi

just install them, then in Smarters select player in settings it gives you the option to use as player

• once downloaded open and type in username and passwords given to you
(they are case sensitive and sometimes a lowercase L will look like an uppercase I and an O is either capital or lowercase. Note the difference between zero 0 and o and O)
• click remember me box.
• enjoy
if you get video won’t play message install vlc or mx player from links provided in same method using downloader.
in app settings choose external player selected in app settings or long press on channel or content when choosing, either vlcor mx player.

For Alternative / Backup links click here


Apple Devices (iOS)

Learn More

How to install and set up VOD in smarters app

Use Google Playstore or iOS (Apple)

Search for iptv smarters

Download app from google playstore/apple App Store/ or smart tv app store

smart tv app store (currently available on LG TVs only, if you cannot find on your tv it’s not available)

coming to Samsung’s soon! please note on smart TVs the app is on version 1 some features not the same as on other devices.

the app uses its own player so we cannot guarantee the functionality against our content, some will play some will not it’s based on compatibility to your device/tv

these features will be available in further updates which are automatic when released.

once downloaded Open it!

 enter a name for it in top box. I.e vod

Enter your given username in username and your password

“They are case sensitive double check!!

 Enter urls as provided, IN LOWERCASE NO CAPITALS!

Smart TVs
may or may not need :80 on the end of the URLs.
how to add both tv and vod URLs
on main screen,

on main screen after logging in with one subscription,

 Add second sub after initial log on pressing the plus top right of screen (or man’s head with arrows round it) to add user . And enter you other sub details and url. Once installed click swap button to change between subs. right.


Adding vod

  1. Download the GSE IPTV App from the app store

  1. Click top left 3 lines

  1. Click Xtream codes api from the list

  1. Click the + icon,

  1. give it a name e.g VOD

  1. enter your username and password into the relevant boxes

  1. enter the url for vod from provider

  1. scroll through to find what you want to view


to access content always press the 3 line button and go to xtream codes api, you will see named server you added there.



Learn More

Kodi setup


We will be working with Kodi 17.0 upwards; don’t ask for support of older versions of Kodi as it is not supported. We will not be installing BUILDS.

If your android box is too old for Kodi 17 (v4.2.2) here is a download link to a modified Kodi 17.0 to work with older versions of android


Install Kodi, I’m not going to show you this as there are 1000s of YouTube videos showing this

Ok after installing Kodi you will see this

Let’s 1st remove a lot of these menus on the left as they can be very confusing and are not needed

Go-to settings (the COG at the top left)

Then skin settings

Then main menu items go ahead and turn everything not need off

I always leave TV, Add-Ons & Favourites

Now exit back to settings and we are now going to install all network paths to our required plugins

In file manager click ADD SOURCE

In this screen we are now going to click on where it says <none>

Now enter this address for the plugins.

http://premvod.site /kodi  then click OK

 give it a name youll recognise

 Click Ok again

Now, go back to the main screen, doesn’t it look less cluttered and intimidating.

Now let’s install the plugin

Click add on

Then click the little icon in the top left

If you see this list, click the 2 dots on the top row ..

Go down and click “Install from ZIP”

This message will pop up, click settings

Turn unknown source on

This message will pop up click yes

Now press back and click on “install from ZIP” again, you will not see the message this time

Your options may look different than this but still click the same as I do

Click on Repo

Then click on
plugin.video.premiumvodbuild.zip for vod add on.

remember to reboot kodi after logging into the plugins for the addons to complete setup (this is mentioned further on as well)”

The pictures will look different to the ones below there the old ones, don’t worry about that you’ll see them by name

Enter your username and password


This will pop up Click OK
If it Says Invalid Login you typed your login wrong! Try again

Choose Your Device

If your device is NOT in the list just choose the Bottom Option

A message will pop up to say settings have been setup and changed

Using Generator

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore

Learn More

Make sure you have Putty Installed on your PC before you start (get this from google)

(Download from here)


          Open web browser on PC

          Go-to www.premvod.site

          Click vod Code Generator

          Copy and Paste or type login details into generator

          Click xc multi

          Click generate

          Copy script.

          Open Putty on pc

        (Download from here)


          On zgemma

                   press Menu



                   You will see at the top IP Address (example

          Enter IP Address into the Box in Putty

          Click Open

          It will say “Login As:”

          type root

          If it asks for password type root again

          (when typing the password it will not show u typing for security reasons but you are typing)

          Paste the script by right clicking the mouse in the black area

          Run script by hitting enter

          Once script is finished Restart the box

                   To view Click menu

                   Xc multi (Or PremiumVOD)

Let’s Get Started

Easily the best VOD service available