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There are many professions out there that require drug testing and would hope those individuals are not resorting to the Internet or this article for how to pass. For the rest of us average Joe’s it makes no sense that marijuana continues to become legal (recreational and medical) in so many states yet jobs can drug test us.
You’re reading this article because your new employer just told you they’re going to do a drug test but not just any drug test a hair follicle drug test. Will the Macujo Method work for you?

There are numerous stories of success and failure. So what gives?
I’ve read the differing opinions on the detox shampoo you must use and that the Macujo Method works if one of the following is taking place:
The user incorporated the Aloe Rid detox shampoo (and it must be the older version) or
Note the new version of Aloe shampoo will not work. In my search the only place I could find it was TestClear.com.

If you have found it anywhere else or a cheaper version same/different brand that works please feel free to spread the word in the comment section below.
The user was already going to pass because of the Light User Loophole
Note the following example assumes you smoke weed. A hair follicle test is not typically designed to pick up small or occasional drug use. For example, you smoked a bowl 30 days ago and then smoked the same amount two weeks later. It’s very possible your test results will come back as undetected because you consumed such a low dosage.

In regards to hair sample testing, labs are designed to find patterns of moderate to high drug usage. If you’re more then a one hitter quitter on a daily basis this method can be un-easing to try. Remember everyone’s body chemistry is different so it is difficult to calculate how much you can consume and get away with.
What is the Macujo Method?
The Macujo Method is a seven step hair cleaning procedure.

The first and hardest step you will have…stop smoking weed! Anyone following this can resume using pot after they’ve received a clean test.
Wet down your hair with warm water. Your hair should be damp, not soaking wet.
Work Heinz vinegar into the hair and scalp.

The vinegar should be massaged into the scalp thoroughly.
Add Salicylic acid shampoo like Clean and Clear pink (2% Salicylic Acid) or Neutrogena T/Sal (3% Salicylic Acid) to the vinegar/water mixture and massaged into the hair and scalp.
Place a shower cap over the mixture in your hair and leave in for about 30 minutes. The shower cap will allow you to continue your everyday tasks while the mixture is absorbed into your hair.
Wash the mixture out of your hair using Old Style Aloe Rid Shampoo.

Keep rinsing your hair until it is completely clean.
Wash your hair a second time, this time using Tide liquid laundry detergent. Be very careful during this step; laundry detergent should never come into contact with your eyes.
From there, users can keep repeating these seven steps until they are confident their hair is clean.

Does The Macujo Method Work?
While the Macujo Method may sound strange, it has a strong track record for success. People have been using it to pass drug tests for over a decade and the majority of people have managed to get successful results. It has been reported that the method is more effective if it is repeated. Many people recommend washing your hair with this method at least five times before your test is scheduled.

I would also recommend getting a temporary new brush that you use only when you use the Macujo Method.


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